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Design Files: Mustard Yellows in Vietnam

Architecture in Vietnam is unexpected, unique and quietly wonderful. It stands strong and grounded within the moral values of the people it is built for, and by. Culture and respect for history is integral to it, and peoples’ simple, grounded lifestyles thrive within it.

After long, hot and sweaty days of exploring temples, palaces and marketplaces, I would come back to my bed and close my eyes, still seeing golden behind them, still feeling the bumps of mosaic dragons on my fingers, and still feeling the silent serenity of plain yellow walls in my mind.


Design Files: Arches and Intricacies of India

Asia has always been a rich source of design inspiration for me. From ancient to modern design, rich cultural history in the places I’ve visited has heavily influenced the local built environment, and enriched my trips across the globe. My recent trips to India have been filled with overwhelmingly intricate architecture in florid hand carved structures, […]