Asia has always been a rich source of design inspiration for me. From ancient to modern design, rich cultural history in the places I’ve visited has heavily influenced the local built environment, and enriched my trips across the globe. My recent trips to India have been filled with overwhelmingly intricate architecture in florid hand carved structures, […]

Years ago, I stumbled upon a video that was to direct me toward my architectural career, and inspire me to realize the impact I may have on this planet. I’ve grown up within the privileges of the developed world, and the privilege to travel is one that has woken me up to the bigger picture […]

As I progress through my education in architecture, I am learning many important skills, including those one would expect – drawing, designing, communicating, building… and one that was not at all anticipated. It consumes me in the most delightful way, and it is not only relevant to study, but echoes continuously in the background of […]